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1Z1-052 PDF DEMO:

In which situations does the Oracle Data Pump use external tables and not the direct path load while exporting a table? (Choose all that apply.)
A. if a table has a column of data type LONG defined on it
B. if a table has an encrypted column
C. if a table has an active trigger
D. if a table has a referential integrity constraint defined on it
E. if a table is not in a cluster
Answer: B,C,D

You plan to install Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database
Which two mandatory tasks must be completed before you perform these installations?
(Choose two.)
A. creating the Oracle Inventory and OSDBA groups in the operating system
B. creating the oper and asmdba operating system groups
C. setting the ORACLE_BASE environment variable to an existing directory
D. setting the ORACLE_SID environment variable
E. creating an operating system user to be the owner of the Oracle installation
Answer: A,E

Which two activities are NOT supported by the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)? (Choose two.)
A. Diagnose and repair a data file corruption offline.
B. Diagnose and repair a data file corruption online.
C. Diagnose and repair failures on a standby database.
D. Recover from failures in the RAC environment.
Answer: C,D
Data Recovery Advisor
The Data Recovery Advisor automatically gathers data failure information when an error is encountered. In addition, it can proactively check for failures. In this mode, it can potentially detect and analyze data failures before a database process discovers the corruption and signals an error.
(Note that repairs are always under human control.) Data failures can be very serious. For example, if your current los files are missing, you cannot open your database. Some data failures (like block corruptions in data files) are not catastrophic because they do not take the database down or prevent you from opening the Oracle instance. The Data Recovery Advisor handles both cases: the one when you cannot start up the database (because required database files are missing, inconsistent, or corrupted) and the one when file corruptions are discovered during run time.
Supported Database Configurations
In the current release, the Data Recovery Advisor supports single-instance databases.
Oracle Real Application Clusters databases are not supported.
The Data Recovery Advisor cannot use blocks or files transferred from a standby database to repair failures on a primary database. Furthermore, you cannot use the Data Recovery Advisor to diagnose and repair failure on a standby database. However, the Data Recovery Advisor does support failover to a standby database as a repair option (as mentioned above).

Your database is down. You log in as the user SYS and issue the following command:
Which steps occur and in what order as a result of executing this command?
A. Instance is started, then the database is mounted and finally opened.
B. Instance is started and then database is mounted but not opened.
C. Instance is started, then the database is opened and finally mounted.
D. Only the instance is started.
Answer: A

Which two statements are true about checkpointing? (Choose two.)
A. The frequent full checkpoint in a database can cause the overall degradation of the database performance.
B. It ensures that all committed data is written to the data files during normal shutdown.
C. It prompts the Checkpoint (CKPT) process to write data to the data files and redo information to the online redo log files.
D. The checkpoint frequency decreases with the smaller redo log file size.
Answer: A,B
Checkpoint Process (CKPT)
A checkpoint is a data structure that defines a system change number (SCN) in the redo thread of a database. Checkpoints are recorded in the control file and in each data file header. They are a crucia element of recovery.
When a checkpoint occurs, Oracle Database must update the headers of all data files to record the details of the checkpoint. This is done by the CKPT process. The CKPT process does not write blocks to disk; DBWw always performs that work. The SCNs recorded in the file headers guarantee that all changes made to database blocks prior to that SCN have been written to disk.
The statistic DDWR checkpoints displayed by the SYSTEM_STATISTICS monitor in Oracle Enterprise
Manager indicate the number of checkpoint requests that have completed.

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Prüfungscode: 1Z1-052
Prüfungsname: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Aktualisiert Zeit: 20-04-2018
Nummer:285 Fragen
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Prüfungscode: 1Z1-052
Prüfungsname: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Aktualisiert Zeit: 20-04-2018
Nummer:285 Fragen
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Prüfungscode: 1Z1-052
Prüfungsname: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Aktualisiert Zeit: 20-04-2018
Nummer:285 Fragen
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