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New features wore added to ZFS in Oracle Solaris11.
Your justification to upgrade from Solaris10 to oracle Solaris11 is that it will be possible to take advantage of the enhancements that were made to ZFS.
Identify the three ZFS functions and features that are included in Oracle Solaris 11, but not in Solaris
A. Ability for ZFS to detect and remove redundant data from the tile system
B. Shadow Data Migration
C. Encrypted ZFS datasets
D. Ability to split a mirrored ZFS storage pool
E. Ability to use ZFS on the boot drive and boot to a ZFS root file system.
F. elimination of the swap file system when using ZFS on the root disk
Answer: A,B,C

You are asked to troubleshoot networking issues on an unfamiliar system.
Select the correct command to display what network devices are installed.
A. dladm show-dev
B. dladm show-phys
C. ifconfig -a
D. dladm show-ether
E. netadm show-dev
F. netadm show-ether
Answer: B

Which statement is correct about shudown and init commands?
A. The shutdown command brings the system to the single-user milestone by default. The init command must be used to shut the system down to run level 0.
B. The shutdown command performs a clean shutdown of all services whereas init does not.
C. The shutdown command accepts SMF milestones, init stages, or run levels as arguments whereas init accepts only init stages or run levels as arguments.
D. shutdown broadcasts one or more periodic shutdown warning messages to all logged-in users whereas init issues none.
Answer: D

You created a new zpool. Now you need to migrate the existing ZFS file system from pool1/prod to pool2/prod.
You have these requirements:
1. Users must have access to the data during the migration, so you cannot shutdown the file system while the migration takes place.
2. Because you want to copy the data as quickly as possible, you need to increase the server resources devoted to the ZFS migration.
Which method would you use to modify the ZFS shadow migration daemon defaults to increase the concurrency and overall speed of migration?
A. Svccfg - s filesystem/shadowd:defaultsetprop config_params/shadow_threads=integer:
16endsvcadm refresh filesystem/shadowd: default
B. Specify the -b <blocksize> option with the zfs create command and increase the value of
C. Use the -o -volblocksize=<blocksize>option with the zfs create command and increase the value of the default <blocksize>.
D. Svccfg -s filesystem/zfs: defaultsetprop config_params/shadow_threads = integer: 16endsvcadm refresh filesystem/zfs:default
Answer: A
shadowd is a daemon that provides background worker threads to migrate data for a shadow migration. A shadow migration gradually moves data from a source file system into a new "shadow" file system. Users can access and change their data within the shadow file system while migration is occurring.
The shadowd service is managed by the service management facility, smf(5).
Administrative actions on this service, such as enabling, disabling, or requesting restart, can be performed using svcadm(1M). The service's status can be queried using the svcs(1) command.
The svccfg(1M) command can be used to manage the following parameter related to shadowd:
Note: Oracle Solaris 11: In this release, you can migrate data from an old file system to a new file system while simultaneously allowing access and modification of the new file system during the migration process.
Setting the shadow property on a new ZFS file system triggers the migration of the older data.
The shadow property can be set to migrate data from the local system or a remote system with either of the following values:

Identify the Automated Installer's (AI) equivalent to jumpStart's finish scripts and sysidcfg files.
A. SMF system configuration profile files
B. Installadm create - client
C. Manifest files
D. IPS software package repository
E. installadm create-service
F. svccfg - s application/pkg/server setprop sysidcfg
Answer: A
Comparing sysidcfg File Keywords to System Configuration Profile Directives The following table compares sysidcfg file keywords with example AI system configuration profile specifications.
sysidcfg File Keyword
System Configuration Profile Directives Etc.

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Exam Code: 1Z1-821
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Exam Code: 1Z1-821
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
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