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Identify the correctly matching pair of equivalent functionality of JumpStart and Automated installer (AI).
A. JumpStart: add_Install_clientAI: SMF system configuration profile files
B. JumpStart: finish scripts and sysidsfg filesAI: manifest files
C. JumpStart: setup_serverAI: installadm create-service
D. JumpStart: begin script AI: package repository
Answer: C
JumpStart: Use the setup_install_server(1M) command.
AI: Use the installadm create-service command.

Which two statements are true concerning the network stack on Oracle Solaris 11?
A. A single IP interface can have both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address.
B. A single IP interface can have either an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address but not both.
C. A single datalink can have only one IP interface.
D. IP addresses are assigned to datalinks.
E. Hardware network interfaces and datalinks have a one-to-one relationship.
Answer: A,E

You need to set up a local package repository to serve 75 client systems. Multiple clients will being the package repository concurrently and you need to ensure that the local repository performs very well under this heavy load, especially during package intensive operations.
Which option would ensure the best performance of the repository during package- intensive rations by multiple clients?
A. Deploy a second instance of the package repository server to run as a clone of the primary repository server.
B. Deploy a second instance of the package repository server to run as a read-only mirror.
C. Deploy a package repository locally on each client.
D. Deploy a second instance of the package repository server to run as a read writable mirror.
E. Set up multipathing on the package repository server to distribute the network load multiple network interfaces.
Answer: E

You have completed configuring a zone named dbzone on your Solaris 11 server. The configuration is as following:
The global zone displays the following network information:
The zone has never been booted. Which three options correctly describe this zone?
A. The zone uses a virtual network interface.
B. The hostid is the same as the global zone.
C. The zone shares the network interface with the host.
D. It is a native zone.
E. It is an immutable zone.
F. The IP address of the zone is
G. It is a whole root zone.
H. It is a sparse root zone.
Answer: B,C,E
C: Immutable Zones provide read-only file system profiles for solaris non-global zones.
Note that ip-type: exclusive:
Starting with OpenSolaris build 37 and Oracle Solaris 10 8/07, a default zone can be configured as an
"exclusive-IP zone" which gives it exclusive access to the NIC(s) that the zone has been assigned.
Applications in such a zone can communicate directly with the NIC(s) available to the zone.
Note on zones:
After installing Oracle Solaris on a system, but before creating any zones, all processes run in the global zone. After you create a zone, it has processes that are associated with that zone and no other zone. Any process created by a process in a non-global zone is also associated with that non-global zone.
Any zone which is not the global zone is called a non-global zone. Most people call non- global zones simply "zones." Some people call them "local zones" but this is discouraged.
The default native zone file system model on Oracle Solaris 10 is called "sparse-root." This model emphasizes efficiency and security at the cost of some configuration flexibility.
Sparse-root zones optimize physical memory and disk space usage by sharing some directories, like
/usr and /lib. Sparse-root zones have their own private file areas for directories like /etc and /var.
Whole-root zones increase configuration flexibility but increase resource usage. They do not use shared file systems for /usr, /lib, and a few others.
There is no supported way to convert an existing sparse-root zone to a whole-root zone.
Creating a new zone is required.

Which command should you choose to display the current parameters for the FSS scheduler?
A. dispadmin -c FSS -g
B. priocntl -c FSS -g
C. prionctl -c FSS
D. dispadmin - c FSS
Answer: A
The dispadmin command displays or changes process scheduler parameters while the system is running.
-c class
Specifies the class whose parameters are to be displayed or changed. Valid class values are:
RT for the real-time class, TS for the time-sharing class, IA for the inter-active class, FSS for the fair- share class, and FX for the fixed-priority class. The time-sharing and inter- active classes share the same scheduler, so changes to the scheduling parameters of one will change those of the other.
Gets the parameters for the specified class and writes them to the standard output.

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