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Which option displays the result of running the zfs list command?
A. Option D
B. Option C
C. Option B
D. Option A
Answer: C
The zfs list command provides an extensible mechanism for viewing and querying dataset information.
You can list basic dataset information by using the zfs list command with no options. This command displays the names of all datasets on the system and the values of their used, available, referenced, and mountpoint properties. For more information about these properties, see Introducing ZFS
For example:
# zfs list
pool 476K 16.5G 21K /pool
pool/clone 18K 16.5G 18K /pool/clone
pool/home 296K 16.5G 19K /pool/home
pool/home/marks 277K 16.5G 277K /pool/home/marks
pool/home/[email protected] 0 - 277K -
pool/test 18K 16.5G 18K /test

Oracle Solaris 11 limits access to the system with usernames and passwords.
The usernames are held in ___________, and the passwords are held in ___________.
Select the correct pair.
A. /etc/shadow /etc/passwd
B. /etc/security /etc/passwd
C. /etc/passwd /etc/shadow
D. /etc/security/policy.conf /etc/passwd
Answer: C
The /etc/passwd file contains basic user attributes. This is an ASCII file that contains an entry for each user. Each entry defines the basic attributes applied to a user.
/etc/shadow file stores actual password in encrypted format for user's account with additional properties related to user password i.e. it stores secure user account information.
All fields are separated by a colon (:) symbol. It contains one entry per line for each user listed in
/etc/passwd file.

You have completed configuring a zone named dbzone on your Solaris 11 server. The configuration is as following:
The global zone displays the following network information:
The zone has never been booted. Which three options correctly describe this zone?
A. The IP address of the zone is
B. The hostid is the same as the global zone.
C. The zone uses a virtual network interface.
D. The zone shares the network interface with the host.
E. It is a native zone.
F. It is an immutable zone.
G. It is a whole root zone.
H. It is a sparse root zone.
Answer: B,D,F
C: Immutable Zones provide read-only file system profiles for solaris non-global zones.
Note that ip-type: exclusive:
Starting with OpenSolaris build 37 and Oracle Solaris 10 8/07, a default zone can be configured as an
"exclusive-IP zone" which gives it exclusive access to the NIC(s) that the zone has been assigned.
Applications in such a zone can communicate directly with the NIC(s) available to the zone.
Note on zones:
After installing Oracle Solaris on a system, but before creating any zones, all processes run in the global zone. After you create a zone, it has processes that are associated with that zone and no other zone. Any process created by a process in a non-global zone is also associated with that non-global zone.
Any zone which is not the global zone is called a non-global zone. Most people call non- global zones simply "zones." Some people call them "local zones" but this is discouraged.
The default native zone file system model on Oracle Solaris 10 is called "sparse-root." This model emphasizes efficiency and security at the cost of some configuration flexibility.
Sparse-root zones optimize physical memory and disk space usage by sharing some directories, like
/usr and /lib. Sparse-root zones have their own private file areas for directories like /etc and /var.
Whole-root zones increase configuration flexibility but increase resource usage. They do not use shared file systems for /usr, /lib, and a few others.
There is no supported way to convert an existing sparse-root zone to a whole-root zone.
Creating a new zone is required.

Identify the correctly matching pair of equivalent functionality of JumpStart and Automated installer (AI).
A. JumpStart: finish scripts and sysidsfg filesAI: manifest files
B. JumpStart: add_Install_clientAI: SMF system configuration profile files
C. JumpStart: setup_serverAI: installadm create-service
D. JumpStart: begin script AI: package repository
Answer: C
JumpStart: Use the setup_install_server(1M) command.
AI: Use the installadm create-service command.

Which two statements are true concerning the network stack on Oracle Solaris 11?
A. A single datalink can have only one IP interface.
B. A single IP interface can have both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address.
C. A single IP interface can have either an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address but not both.
D. IP addresses are assigned to datalinks.
E. Hardware network interfaces and datalinks have a one-to-one relationship.
Answer: B,E

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Exam Code: 1Z1-821
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
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